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у А5 будет и напарница - S5

кто-то спрашивал о характеристиках А5
With a length of 4.63 m, the Audi A5 clearly belongs to a superior class of coupé. Four comfortable seats and a load volume of 455 liters make this car a comfortable long-distance tourer. The dynamic performance is supplied by FSI and TDI engines with rated power ranging from 125 to 195 kW (170 to 265 bhp).

The sporty top-of-the-range TDI in the new Audi coupé is the thoroughly revised 3.0-liter engine. It now delivers a power output of 176 kW (240 bhp) and its maximum torque is an immense 500 Nm. But that is not all: with its supreme 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h, the Audi A5 3.0 TDI quattro is one of the sportiest vehicles of its kind. Added to this, it also offers an average fuel consumption of just 7.2 liters per 100 km!

The second TDI engine in the Audi A5 range offers even better fuel economy. The 2.7-liter V6 engine delivers 140 kW (190 bhp) and is an ideal complement to the multitronic gearbox for the comfort-minded coupé driver. Nevertheless, its performance figures are more than impressive: it offers a top speed of 232 km/h with an average fuel economy of 6.7 liters per 100 km. On top of that, its acceleration time of just 7.6 seconds confirms the sporty credentials of this version of the Audi A5.

вкратце об S5
The eight-cylinder engine has a rated power output of 260 kW (354 bhp). Its peak torque is 440 Nm, which it already delivers at 3,500 rpm. Within just 5.1 seconds the Audi S5 can sprint to 100 km/h.
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